It’s A Girl Thing

Wow I am not sure anyone can begin to fathom the amazing pool of women we have in Steamboat Springs. Tonight we had over 50 women from various socio-economic backgrounds; work areas and skill levels attend our Steamboat Ski and Bike Kare Women’s Group Ride for Steamboat Bike Week. It was a phenomenal turn out. But we have been getting between 20-40 women each week for the past few years because the women in this town have needed more than just a weekend ride with their husbands and boyfriends. They need other girls.

Tonight I met a woman on her second mountain bike ride who crushed the technical rock section because she didn’t know she was supposed to be afraid. I met another who was on a bike two sizes too small covered in bruises with a huge smile on her face because she was beginning to love and dream about mountain biking. Another who finished work at 6pm sprinted to her bike and broke the bike speed record to meet us on the trails. And finally a girl visiting from Dallas who saw there was a girls ride going out and she wanted to come and play. It’s just a girl thing. If you don’t get it today I hope one day you do.

Like I said last week it isn’t just the camaraderie that we share towards each other. It is the support, the love and just the fun about being out with a HUGE group of girls. No egos, no pressure, just women understanding the need to be with other women. This evening I played with the intermediate group. We talked about routes, our toboggan person, what to do in emergencies and general trail etiquette. No offense gentlemen but when was the last time you discussed all this before going out on a ride. We must have passed about 20 people on the Emerald Mountain trails this evening and we had to ask every time “how many riders are you?” I mean seriously is it not that hard to say “its just me” or “two behind me”!!!!

My personal favourite’s are the people who created their own new trail because they didn’t want to step aside and wait on the downhill side of the Bluff’s Loop to let the 15 in my uphill group pass. Yet we stopped every time while descending on Ricky’s and Lupine to let groups riding up hill pass us! A few manners will go a long way – I promise.

Our amazing 2-hour bike night ended with a few drinks and dinner at local restaurant. About 20 of the 50 women met up and shared stories. I just loved watching this heterogeneous group of women be together. Some were there early after their short and sweet beginner ride, another group showed up comparing tales about how far up Emerald Mountain they had ridden. And the final group showed up an hour later stating conquest over reaching the top of Morning Gloria and Quarry Mountain Trails in the short amount of time we had for our weekly ride. When asked how they found us they said we just rode around until we heard a big group of girls laughing and a stack of bikes piled on top of each other.

It is fun to be a girl on a bike, especially in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Need I say more?????


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