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Riding Overview…

With hundreds of miles of single-track, epic road riding, paved multi-use trails, and gravity specific downhill trails, Steamboat caters to a wide variety of cycling options. Whether you’ve got your entire quiver — from skinny to fat, from road hugging to high flying — or come with just one style in mind, this is the online resource for you!

The online bike guide is organized by riding category: Road Cycling, Mountain Biking, Casual Riding, BMX/Freestyle, and Downhill. Within these categories you’ll find whatever you need to suit your pedaling fancy. Trails are group into specific riding zones based on their location when possible. All rides are accessible from town and the base area. Feel free to stop by any of our full-service Steamboat bike shops for more information, talk to a local, or to pick up a map or Bike Guide.

Don’t forget to check out our yearly Bike Guide (embedded below) with these rides in a handy-portable format, as well as other great reads and info about cycling in Bike Town, USA®