The Divide Trail

  • Season: Early July to Mid October
  • DIFFICULTY: More Difficult
  • LENGTH: 24.4 (to Steamboat Base)
  • ELEVATION: 10,400


Continental Divide Trail/Mountain View Trail Dumont Lake to Steamboat Ski Area
Look for the start of the trail on the opposite side of Base Camp Road. You will quickly come out onto the campground road. Continue straight on the campground road until you take slight right onto Trail #1101 (Wyoming/Continental Divide Trail). Initially the trail follows an old roadbed along an irrigation ditch. Head left after crossing a small creek and begin your first steep climb. The trail will roll along, cross another creek, and 4 miles from the start, you will come out on Base Camp Road. Turn left on Base Camp Road and climb for about ½ mile to Base Camp Trailhead. (Option: you can ride or drive Base Camp Road to this point to avoid 4 miles of singletrack).

At the Base Camp Trailhead, begin a fun, twisty descent over many water bars. After the descent, you’ll cross a creek and a climb up to Fishhook Lake (a good spot for a snack). After riding along the east side of the lake, look for a left turn to continue on #1101 (don’t go to Lost Lake). More rolling terrain with a few rocky sections will take you past Lake Elmo and to an obvious four-way intersection, which is another great spot for a snack or to regroup.

Turn left onto Fish Creek Falls Trail #1102, which rolls downhill toward Long Lake. Stay right as you first approach the lake and then continue onto Fish Creek Falls Trail # 1102 (don’t go to Fish Creek Reservoir). Another. 0.8 fairly flat miles later, turn left and begin climbing Mountain View Trail #1032. The trail climbs a few loose switchbacks then rolls through the forest, then climbs again. At the top, you’re rewarded with gorgeous views across Rabbit Ears Pass and a nice spot for a break. A couple more miles of rolling terrain take you to Steamboat Ski Resort. Head left on the resort’s dirt road to connect with Pete’s Wicked Trail to begin the descent.

The best route down is Pete’s Wicked Trail, right on Cathy’s Cut off, right onto Sunshine trail, and left on the dirt road. When the road comes to and intersection, look for the Elkhead singletrack straight ahead. Take a right on the road at end of Elkhead, then a quick left to keep gondola building on your right. Descend Huffman’s to a right turn onto a dirt road, and another right turn onto Valley View and finally straight on Sitz to Yoo-hoo. The ride ends at bottom of Steamboat Ski Area.

Other trail options in the area
1.Dumont Lake to Summit Lake on # 1101. Descend Buffalo Pass Road to Dry Lake. Spring Creek Trail down into town.
2.Dumont Lake to Fish Creek Falls Trail. Same directions as Mountainview, but stay on #1102 Fish Creek Falls for arguably the most technical descent in the Steamboat area.
3.Base Camp Road towards Base Camp, turn left on #1101 and ride back to your vehicle on the singletrack. Easier 8-mile loop, no shuttle required.
4.Climb Steamboat Ski Area and use Mountainview to access Divide Trail to Summit Lake and descend Buffalo Pass Road to Spring Creek, or Mountainview to Fish Creek Falls trail.

Know before you go:
This rolling, scenic trail is a classic Steamboat epic. It is also the route for the Ride4Yellow event. This trail is referred to by three different names (Wyoming Trail, Divide Trail and Trail 1101). Don’t be confused — they all lead to the same great place. You will need two cars or a driver, who will not be riding. Your car will be left at Dumont Lake, and the ride will end back in Steamboat. Also, check with local bike shops for trail conditions. Be aware of early season snow and/or fallen trees.

From Steamboat, take Hwy 40 east for 20 miles over Rabbit Ears Pass. Turn left toward Dumont Lake. Pass the campground entrances then turn left toward Base Camp (there is a large boulder in the middle of the road with a plaque on it). Park your car 300 yards up Base Camp Road on the right hand side.