Bike Town USA Media Hits
August 31, 2011

7/6/11 - Mountain online
‘On a whim, I rode 10 minutes past the height of land on Emerald Mountain above the original singletrack where I noticed two new(ish) tracks heading off into the forest. I took a chance on the Beall Trail (I hadn’t bothered to grab a map) and instantly plunged into seven miles of flowing, loamy, XC riding. I didn’t pass another rider. On day two—map in hand—I opted for The Ridge trail. Ditto. If you loop the two Backside tracks via some fun dirt road riding on Cow Creek and maximize the Frontside network, there’s easily four to five hours of singletrack that essentially starts in town. It’s about 38 miles all told. All that, and the local Rotary Club is supporting the construction of a new loop (The Rotary Trail) that connects to the Ridge Trail.’

8/15/11 – You Tube – Community Ride with Andy Schleck
Old Town Hot Springs (7556 views)
Steamboat Resort (697 views)

8/15/11 – Steamboat Today
Bike Town Mural
Community Ride with Andy Schleck

8/16/11 – Triple Crank Set
‘Aptly been nicknamed Bike Town USA, Steamboat Springs has over 500 miles of singletrack, is creating four new freeride/downhill trails down Steamboat Mountain, and is home to bicycle manufacturers, Kent Eriksen Cycles and Moots Cycles, as well as to Honey Stinger, the manufacturer of honey-based nutritional foods, and Smartwool.’

8/18/11 – Mountain online
‘Yeah, he’s clearly the best climber in the world, but maybe you thought it wise to discount Andy Schleck’s chances in the PCC that starts August 22 because he’s from Luxembourg (height of land: 1,319 feet) and the PCC is in Colorado where much of the racing will be done above 9,000 feet. You might want to think again. In the weeks leading up to the race, Schleck’s been training and living at 7,000 feet in the hills north of Steamboat.’

8/19/11 – Outside online
‘Where’s Frank? He’s back in Luxembourg with his family. I called him to tell him that he was really missing out. I didn’t expect it (Steamboat Springs) to be so beautiful. I might even buy a house here.’

8/26/11 – Channel 9 News – several fun clips on Bike Town and what makes our town special

8/26/11 – Mountain online – An overview of an evening bike & dine experience in Bike Town. Reviews of Rex’s and Bistro CV.
‘Steamboat is bike friendlier than most mountain towns’

8/27/11 – Steamboat Today –

8/29/11 – Steamboat Today –
‘the enduring benefits may come from TV exposure on five continents. “The real buzz is that Steamboat reached new markets and wider markets through the race,” Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp. spokeswoman Loryn Kasten said. “It was a chance to show that Steamboat is a town with a breadth of possibilities for visitors’

8/30/11 – The Denver Post –
‘Hunter said there is a way to tie together the Western Slope communities and the Front Range cities in 2012. Hunter said his team's loyalty to host towns such as Salida and Mt. Crested Butte — who jumped in early as avid supporters of the race — will not fade. "There is always room on the bandwagon, but we will always remember those who first pushed the bandwagon," Hunter said. "The hardest part is not going back to the same places every year, but we know we can commit to those communities that if we don't come back one year, we will be there the next."


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