The following projects are being considered (or are already in progress) as part the vision of Steamboat Springs as the ultimate destination for cycling.


Mountain bike cross-country riding

  • Partner with USFS/BLM to open up new trails

  • Partner with USFS/BLM for trail maintenance & stewardship

  • Develop diversity of new mountain biking trails

  • Beginner cross country mountain bike trails

  • Highly technical cross country mountain bike trails

  • Identify “classic,” “must-ride” trails

Downhill/free ride

  • Gravity Fed, Directional Trails at ski mountain

  • Gravity Fed, Directional Trails at Howelsen/Emerald

  • Skills park on Howelsen

  • Skills park on ski mountain

  • Partner with USFS/BLM to open up new trails

  • Partner with USFS/BLM for trail maintenance & stewardship

  • Identify “classic,” “must-ride” trails

Road Riding

  • Identify “classic,” routes and provide signage

  • Provide education to increase safety for riders encountering cattle on county roads

  • Teach bicycle safety skills to kids and adults

  • Promote “Share the Road” philosophy


  • Create signage to direct locals and visitors to bike/ped friendly routes

  • Provide signs on Yampa River Core Trail indicating other trail connections with blue-green-black designation

  • Create bike/ped regional maps for locals and visitors

  • Designate recommended commuter routes

  • Add bike racks on shuttles

  • Increase number/mileage of designated bike lanes

  • Adopt a Complete Streets policy

  • Become a Platinum Level Bicycle Friendly Community

  • Create more safe routes to school

  • Create kid-friendly map of safe routes to school

  • Track students’ participation in bike-to-school

  • Stripe routes from the safe routes to school

  • Teach bicycle safety and bicycle skills to kids and adults

  • Continue and increase participation in Bicycle Rodeos

  • Have lodging/restaurant properties become more bicycle friendly

  • Add more bike racks downtown and at parks, transit center and other major areas

  • Stripe a bike lane/shoulder on River Road from Brooklyn to 131

  • Create a dedicated funding mechanism for bicycle related projects

  • Extend Core Trail to West Steamboat to Hard Rock

  • Extend Core Trail to Haymaker/Chuck Lewis

  • Extend Core Trail to Stagecoach

  • Develop connector trails between current trails

  • Create or enhance bike/ped connections to Yampa River Core Trail

  • Improve the bike/ped crossing at 3rd and Lincoln from Old Town Hot Springs across to Core Trail (using bike lane and sidewalk)

  • Improve Core Trail connections and signage from the Library/13th, past the Elk Park Bridge and the Depot

  • Improve the bike/ped connection from intersection on US 40 and County Road 129 through the “no mans” land to Steamboat Springs Airport

  • Provide a bike/ped activated signal at US 40 & RCR 129 intersection

  • Provide a safer connection from town to Fairview

  • Create a bike/ped lane on N Park Road from Missouri and Stehley Park around corner to existing ped/bike lane up Bench Road to Strawberry Park

  • Provide a bike lane on Amethyst from Fish Creek to Maple and pedestrian activated crossing (marked x-walk) at Amethyst and Maple

  • Clarify/modify sidewalk ordinance so that bike use is consistent with bike routes in safe routes and bike friendly plans

  • Support winter use of Core Trail


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