Safe Routes to School

Why Hike & Bike to School?

  • Hiking and biking to school is FUN! Kids can win fun prizes for their participation!
  • Physical exercise and exposure to nature is good for the body and stimulates the brain, getting kids ready to learn.
  • Getting cars off the road is good for our environment.
  • Adult volunteers will patrol Butcher Knife trail and the significant cross walks along the routes to school. See the Safe Routes to School map at

Helpful Links & Downloads

Map of the Safe Routes

The 2015 Hike and Bike Challenge!! - Challenge Your Friends, Class, Even Your Teacher!

  • Hike and Bike to School as many days possible. Each classroom will have a chart where students will keep track of the days they commute.
  • Prizes will be awarded after commuting to school 5 times.
  • The top 2 commuters for the school year from each grade will be awarded a T-shirt for their efforts at the Spring Bike Rodeo.
  • A grand prize drawing will be held in the spring from those who participated in the Challenge (one grand prize at each elementary school).

How to Get Your Family Started Hiking or Biking to School:

  • If you don’t live within walking or cycling distance to school and you usually drive your children to school, consider dropping them off a mile from school and letting them walk to school.
  • Stehley Park at the bottom of Butcher Knife Trail is a great place to start your hike or bike to school.
  • The Transit Center on the west side of town is a great place to start if you live farther away.
  • Use the Safe Routes to School map to plan the safest route to travel to school. The map can be found at or pick up a printed copy of the map at the school office.
  • Walk or ride with your children for the first few days. Make sure your child rides or walks with a buddy. Younger children should be accompanied by older children.
  • Consider forming a Hike or Bike to school group from your neighborhood with a meeting place and time.

YES, Volunteers Are Needed

  • Friday Morning Hike & Bike Patrols: We need one corner close to Soda Creek Elementary covered and some occasional
    helpers for special events. It’s easy!
  • Time Commitment: 7:40 to 8:15 AM - It’s fun to greet kids on their way to school!

If you can help, please call Sally Cariveau, Safe Routes to School Coordinator at (970) 879-3446.