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Maximizing Your Fun on NPR There aren’t many one-directional trails on Emerald Mountain but the one everyone’s been talking about is NPR.  Short for “No Pedaling Required,” this downhill-only track includes sweetly banked turns, gentle tabletop jumps and a lot of thrilling undulations as you wind your way down. But as with any type of

Steamboat Stinger

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If you’ve ever been on you’re probably well aware that there are user generated “rides” in addition to just trail guides.  Rides consist of a grouping of trails that bikers submit, and I’ve found them extremely helpful when visiting a new area.  But here in Steamboat, one of my all-time favorite rides is

Scenic Settings on Emerald Mountain

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For those that have ridden Emerald Mountain, it’s common knowledge that there are several very scenic spots amongst the system of trails you can explore there. Some are better known than others and everyone has their favorites. Of course we welcome your individual input and suggestions on the topic, but allow me to offer

Epicenter: Steamboat Springs, Colorado

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by KELLY BASTONE//JULY 31, 2017 via REI Co-op Journal Photo A rider climbs Stairway to Heaven on Emerald Mountain. Photo: Leslie Kehmeier (via REI) “The ‘boat” is riding an epic wave of singletrack spurred by the perfect storm of trail development. Steamboat Springs looks and feels like no other Colorado mountain town. For starters, the

Selfie Sticks. A tale of ridicule and brilliance on the trail.

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Riding with a Selfie Stick I’ve honestly never been one to clamor for the spotlight, but there’s something about photos with people in them (myself included) that just look better. The same holds true for the images I capture on the trail. So the question remains; is riding with a selfie stick in one’s

Mountain Beer & Trail Pairings

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There’s just something about the taste of a cold brew after a day on the bike that makes all right with the world. In an effort to help our readers not only explore some of our incredible biking trails, but best enjoy the post-ride libations, I offer up the following beer and trail pairings. Passionate Pedal

Biking Gloria

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By: David Wittlinger, Bike Town Ambassador Steamboat Springs offers some of the most incredible singletrack biking in Colorado, but the Morning Gloria trail on Emerald just happens to be one of my favorites. Accessed from the Lupine Trail, which begins at the stables trailhead found behind the rodeo grounds, Morning Gloria offers bikers an incredible